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APL20 - Collection of Papers

Volume 20 contains eight articles based on research of the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University.

Corrie Bakels
01 January 1987
Sidestone Press

The first presents results of the excavation of a site at the base of the Weichselian loess in the Maastricht-Belvédère pit. An explanation for the presence/absence of Levallois core preparation is discussed in terms of Middle Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer mobility. The second is on spatial analysis of late Mesolithic and Neolithic surface scatters. The third discusses the socio-economic structure of flint knapping in the Dutch Bandkeramik. The fourth concerns exchange patterns and social status of the Bandkeramik adze. The fifth provides information on an important site with Early Neolithic ‘Limburg’ pottery sherds. The sixth is on large-scale settlement archaeology in Oss, 700 BC – AD 250. The seventh discusses rural sanctuaries from the Roman period in the Meuse-Demer-Scheldt area and the last a computer simulation of post-depositional decay of archaeological material.

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