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FAQ Study Abroad Semester at NVICairo

For Arabic and Islamic Studies and Middle East Studies

How can I learn more about the programmes on offer?

We have programme outlines on our website that provide information about the modules.

Arabic and Islamic Studies
Middle East Studies

What are the requirements to participate in a Study Abroad at the NVIC?

You are a student at one of our Dutch or Flemish partner universities.

You have the approval of your coordinator.

What if I am not a student at one of the participating universities?

This is dealt case-by-case and depends on available places. In most circumstances, you can still apply, but as a full fee-paying student. Email us to learn more.

What would it cost if I am a student at one of the participating universities?

180 Euros due to price increases in Egypt.

Are there additional costs that I should know about?

Students pay for excursions outside of Cairo. These will cover transportation and hotel accommodation.

How can I register?

Simply fill in the registration form. This must be signed by a coordinator at your home university, and then sent to info@nvic.leidenuni.nl

What happens after I register?

If you meet all the requirements for a semester at NVIC, you will be confirmed and placed on our incoming student list. For spring-semester students, we send more information around October and November. In October, our assistant-director will also be touring your university giving info sessions, so don’t miss these if you have questions! Check with your coordinators for the dates.

Fall students will be sent information in the summer.

Do you offer Arabic at multiple levels?

Yes. We offer a number of levels of Arabic language training in both Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian colloquial Arabic.

Why should I learn Egyptian Colloquial Arabic?

Because it continues to be the most widely understood dialect in the entire Arabic speaking world!

I’d like to do an internship or take classes elsewhere while also studying at the NVIC. What are your thoughts about this?

The programme is intensive, amounting to full-time study. We encourage students to take time to rest. In general though, this is entirely up to you, and we do not take responsibility for your work and studies elsewhere.

Do I need a visa?

Yes. This can be bought from the airport upon arrival. It costs around 25USD, and can only be purchased with foreign currency such as Euros. This visa will last a month. After this you will renew the visa for between 3-6 months at the Visa office in Cairo. Keep in mind that, at the time of writing this, visa renewal will cost around 115Euros. We will give you more updated information about this after you arrive.

What do I need to bring?

We provide all course materials. No textbooks are required, unless otherwise stated. So keep an eye on emails.

Once I am in Cairo, how can I find accommodation?

We advise that all students book hotel rooms for a few days upon arrival. We have a limited number of guest rooms for incoming students. Click here to book.

Our institute is located in Zamalek, so look for hostels or places to stay in Zamalek, Dokki, Agouza, Garden City, Downtown Cairo.

Once you arrive, the institute will provide a list of brokers to help you find furnished apartments in the city. Usually students share three-bedroom furnished apartments and live in Zamalek, Agouza or Dokki.

Do not try to organize accommodation from abroad.

What is the average cost of an apartment?

A three-bedroom furnished apartment can cost between 600-1000 Euros per month. If you live with others, this cost is divided. The cost depends on the location of the apartment and its condition.

Will my credit-card work in Egypt?

Yes. Most visa and mastercards work at ATMs around the country. Just remember to inform your bank, and make sure the card is unlocked for use in Egypt.

What is public transportation like?

There is a good metro system to certain parts of the city. But most students opt for Ubers or taxis to get around. They are much cheaper than in Europe. A 10 minute taxi-ride costs around 1.50 Euros.

Are there sporting clubs or gyms I can join?

Plenty. As an example there is a rowing club, as well as a woman’s football team you can join.

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