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The BIAS project at the Japanese Society on Artificial Intelligence Symposium 2024

On 28 and 29 May, Carlotta Rigotti, postdoctoral researcher at eLaw, held a workshop on fairness and diversity bias in AI-driven recruitment at the annual symposium of the Japanese Society on Artificial Intelligence (JSAI) in Hamamatsu, Japan. The workshop was organised as part of the BIAS project in collaboration with Eduard Fosch-Villaronga, Associate Professor at eLaw.

Entitled 'The Ambitions and Limitations of AI-driven Recruitment and Selection: Unfolding Fairness and Diversity Bias', the workshop provided a cutting-edge platform for academics and experts to discuss the ambitions and limitations of AI applications within the labour market, and specifically in recruitment and selection processes.

In February 2024, five papers were selected for presentation at the workshop. On the first day, these presentations included a comparative analysis of existing legal frameworks, real-life implications for the social and ethical dimensions of hiring practices and practical experiences of auditing new technologies. On the second day, the workshop aimed to explore how AI applications for HR practices can be made trustworthy and can engage presenters and the audience in an open debate. Discussions began with the Assessment List for Trustworthy AI (ALTAI), during which participants shared thoughts and ideas from other jurisdictions and sectors.

The overall aim of the workshop was to foster collaborative efforts to create a more equitable, just landscape. More information about the symposium is available on the JSAI website. More details and updates on similar activities going on within the BIAS project can be found here.

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