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Knowledge event on the gender pension gap

On Friday 19 April, Netspar (Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement) and Network Vrouwen FNV held a knowledge event at Madurodam in The Hague on the topic of the gender pension gap. Suzanne Kali, lecturer and researcher at the Labour Law and Social Security department, was a speaker and co-organiser of the event.

The pension gap has recently come into the spotlight due to the transition to the Dutch new pension system. Back in 2021, a Netspar paper written by Suzanne Kali, Jim Been, Marike Knoef and Albert van Marwijk Kooy also shed light on the issue. The event at Madurodam informed participants about the causes and implications of the gender pension gap, as well as the failure to close it. Netspar’s Director, Lisa Brüggen, then discussed the importance of research on this issue. Participants later had group discussions on the role of various stakeholders in closing the pension gap and opportunities for further research.

Photo: Aaron Burden through Unsplash

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