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eLaw at CPDP.ai 2024

eLaw reflects on a very successful turnout at this year's 17th edition of the annual CPDP Conference in Brussels. This year, the conference was rebranded as CPDP.ai in order to draw attention to AI regulation and governance beyond privacy.

eLaw has been a conference partner for years. Several staff members travelled with students on the Advanced LL.M. programme in Law and Digital Technologies to give them a taste of the active debates shaping the policies and regulations they learn about on the programme. The trip also included the traditional excursion to the European Parliament in the afternoon before the conference began. It was great to meet and catch up with alumni from our Advanced LL.M. programme at the drinks reception!

Eduard Fosch-Villaronga

eLaw organised and hosted a panel discussion on the topic of 'Fair futures at work', which was moderated by Eduard Fosch-Villaronga. Embedded in the Horizon Europe BIAS Project, this panel explored how a co-creation approach can serve as a model for navigating governance intricacies in AI applications for the labour market for recruitment purposes, for example. Dr Fosch-Villaronga also presented a joint project with Kostina Prifti (EUR) during an academic session and participated in the panel discussion on 'A call for data dignity', where the right to be seen in the AI era was discussed.

Gianclaudio Malgieri

During the opening event, Gianclaudio Malgieri, together with Alessandro Mantelero, received a Center for AI and Digital Policy (CAIDP) AI Policy Leader Academia award for their efforts to promote the inclusion of a fundamental rights impact assessment in the EU AI Act. This award honours individuals and organisations for their outstanding contributions to human-centric AI policies. Gianclaudio then hosted the plenary panel discussion on 'The global challenge of governing AI: What’s the role of individuals?' with artist Vladan Joler, Margot Kaminski from Colorado University (US), Clarisse Girot from OECD (FR) and Karine Caunes from CAIDP Europe (FR). On Wednesday 22 May, Gianclaudio participated in a panel discussion on 'AI for privacy: Isn’t it time to switch perspectives?'.

Francien Dechesne

Francien Dechesne participated in the panel discussion on 'Analogue computing' using her background in theoretical computer science and foundations of computation, exchanging reflections with artists and philosophers on alternative computational paradigms for AI. In the panel discussion organised by Algorithm Audit on Decentralising fairness decisions, she shared her experiences and lessons learned as an expert committee member in analysing a municipal selection algorithm (see report here).

LDT Students CPDP

Each year, students from our Advanced LL.M. in Law and Digital Technologies programme actively participate in the conference, and this year was no exception. They had the opportunity to engage with leading experts and explore cutting-edge issues at the intersection of law, technology and society. Their participation is a valuable opportunity to familiarise themselves with the community, establish relationships, foster new collaborations, discover new ideas and concepts within the field and apply the knowledge they acquire from the Law and Digital Technologies programme.

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