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Francien Dechesne presents at NWO ICT.Open 2024

On April 10 -11, the annual national event NWO ICT.Open 2024 takes place in the Beatrix Theater in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The event brings scientists from all ICT research disciplines and industries together to learn, share ideas, and network.

In the interactive session “Teaching Responsible AI” (TRAI) (Wednesday April 10, 17:30-18:30), Francien Dechesne (eLaw) will present the first results of an inventory of the integration of “Responsible AI” in AI-programs (HBO and university) in the Netherlands. The panel consists of representatives of universities, universities of applied sciences and  interested companies. The panel has been organized by the initiative TRAI in which Francien is active, and will be moderated by Maaike Harbers (TRAI, Hogeschool Rotterdam).

More information can be found on the website of NWO ICT.Open

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