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Seminar by Simona Demková at Maastricht Centre for European Law

On 30 January 2024, the Maastricht Centre for European Law, in collaboration with the Globalization and Law Network at Maastricht University Faculty of Law, hosted a seminar featuring Simona Demková from the Europa Institute of Leiden University.

Simona gave a talk on her new collaborative starting grant project funded by Leiden University, titled 'The EU’s Human-Centered Digital Transformation: What’s Behind the Name'.

Simona’s talk delved into the EU's strategy on AI and its potential to shape the global technological landscape. Specifically, she addressed the question of whether the EU's 'human-centric' approach to regulating AI provides a compelling vision for the EU's digital transformation. Her discussion focused on the conceptual origins of human-centrism as a goal concerning AI technologies, as well as examination of the key elements of the EU's version of 'human-centrism' as outlined in the EU’s AI Strategy and under the upcoming AI Act.

The lively and thought-provoking discussion was led by Valentina Golunova and Pauline Melin from Maastricht University.

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