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Jos Raaijmakers new member KHMW: ‘Build a bridge between science and society’

The Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW) has appointed Jos Raaijmakers, professor of Microbial Interactions and diversity, as a new scientific member.

Promoting science and bridging the gap between science and society. That is the mission of the KHMW. Raaijmakers shares this ambition, as a researcher unraveling the relationship between microorganisms and plants. ‘I want to promote fundamental knowledge of the microbiome, and its importance for the growth and health of plants by organizing and speaking at seminars and events.’

Highlighting the importance of research

Raaijmakers considers the appointment as KHMW member a great appreciation, especially for the research conducted by various students, PhD candidates, postdocs, and analysts in his department at NIOO-KNAW and Leiden University. ‘With KHMW membership, I can further emphasize the societal importance of our microbiome research.

New appointments

In addition to Raaijmakers, the KHMW has also appointed 18 new societal members and other 25 scientific members (link in Dutch). Among them are three other Leiden researchers: Meta Roestenberg (LUMC), Andrew Webb (LUMC) en Kutsal Yesilkagit (FGGA/Bestuurskunde).

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