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Employment law update by Jamie Korporaal and Fieke Weber

Jamie Korporaal and Fieke Weber, teaching staff at the Department of Labour Law and Social Security, recently published an item in the ‘Tijdschrift voor de Procespraktijk’. The journal item entitled ‘Kort en Bondig: Arbeidsrecht’ (‘Short and Sweet: Employment Law’) informs readers of rulings passed and relevant regulations introduced in the field of employment law over a two-month period.

In their recent contributionJamie Korporaal and Fieke Weber discuss an important Supreme Court decision from 30 June 2023. The case deals with the issue of whether failure to conduct a thorough investigation can affect the requirement to provide an urgent reason for instant dismissal. They also consider the Supreme Court’s decision of 23 June 2023 on the expiration of leave entitlement.

This decision handed down by the Supreme Court clearly shows the influence of European employment law on Dutch domestic employment law. The Court of Justice of the European Union attaches great importance to the employer’s duty of care and disclosure in the event that leave entitlement expires, and that is reflected in its rulings. The Dutch Supreme Court’s decision follows the same line of reasoning.

Fieke Weber is a member of the editorial staff at Tijdschrift voor de Procespraktijk (TvPP). She writes the regular item Kort en Bondig: Arbeidsrecht, which is published twice a year.

Photo by Thom Milkovic on Unsplash

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