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‘EU human-centred digital transformation’ (2023 – 2027) funded by Leiden University Starting Grant

In Spring 2023, Simona Demková and Daniel Mândrescu from the Europa Institute secured the new Leiden University Starting Grant, valued at EUR 240,000, for a collaborative project: ‘The EU’s Human-Centred Digital Transformation.’

The project’s mission is clear: to actively contribute to the success of the EU’s human-centred digital transformation. The project sets out to establish a comprehensive conceptual framework for realising and enforcing human-centred requirements within the EU digital acquis related to the use of artificial intelligence technologies. To achieve this, our objectives are threefold:

Recalibrating and coordinating regulatory objectives:

  • Aligning the diverse yet interconnected regulatory objectives within the EU digital acquis.

Exploring practical implications:

  • Investigating how these regulatory objectives are currently pursued and the practical implications of a human-centred regulatory approach for various stakeholders. This includes EU/Member States authorities, technology providers, and businesses subject to these regulations.

Identifying potential friction:

  • Identifying potential conflicts between the objectives of the EU digital acquis and the technical design of AI technology to which it applies.
  • Facilitating a multi-stakeholder dialogue, fostering insights into the practical implementation of 'human-centred' safeguards.

We believe our collaboration is key to navigating the complexities of AI regulation. If you are interested in learning more or exploring potential collaborations, please reach out to Simona Demková at s.demkova@law.leidenuniv.nl or Daniel Mândrescu at d.mandrescu@law.leidenuniv.nl.

Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

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