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New HR pilot ‘Annual Interview’ aims for a team oriented approach

Together with Leiden University’s central HRM department, the department of Health-, Medical- and Neuropsychology has started a new HR pilot. For all colleagues a simplified and improved ‘Annual Interview’ is being introduced.

About the pilot

In order to integrate more perspectives on the development of an employee, 360 degree feedback will be part of  the Annual Interview. December 2023 the first evaluations of the pilot are to be expected.

Following the University’s strategic plan, this new Annual Interview touches on many different ambitions, but it mainly allows room for recognising and rewarding talent and for further development. Furthermore, with ‘recognition and rewards’ as one of the spearheads, the focus is more on (team) co-operation instead of the individual performance alone.

What is different

The new Annual Interview focuses on (team) dialogue, well-being and development. It is more about looking forward than backward, with more focus on co-operation and personal development rather than just results.

The Annual Interview consists of two parts: (i) the Interview Report, with the focus on the employee's personal development and team contribution; and (ii) the Annual Report, with the focus on what was agreed earlier and reflecting on one's own performance.

Hanneke Hulst, projectleader:

"Within our department Recognition and Reward and the cultural change that comes with it, has been a topic of several dialogue sessions that we had since fall 2021. One of the topics was the role of team science. When you function in a team, this automatically means working with several people. In addition to an assessment from one manager, it could be helpful to consider the perspectives of several colleagues.

In one of the sessions, we suggested that to fully appreciate team science, 360 degree feedback could be an useful instrument, as this allows to obtain a variety of perspectives on people’s team performance. We are very pleased that we are part of the acknowledged pilot projects on the Annual Interview of the University.

What does the pilot mean for the institute? 

Our institute stands for interdisciplinary research and teaching. Teamwork is key. The outcomes from the evaluation will be included in considerations for University working procedures.

Both the development of the pilot and the University roll-out are supported with input from other faculties. We are pleased that our Faculty may start and experiment with this new procedure. We believe it is a good step towards the ambition of Recognition and Reward and an even better working environment for everyone who works at Leiden University.



In September 2023 the entire unit will be trained on giving and receiving feedback, as this is essential to 360 degree feedback and we want all people involved to have the skills to provide feedback in a proper way. Afterwards there is a training for managers on how to have a meaningful conversation, in which teamwork is an important focus point.

In the beginning of november the Annual Interview 'new style' will take place. At the beginning of december the first evaluations are to be expected.

Interested in more on Recognition and Reward? The 2nd of november there is Academia in Motion Festival   at Leiden University.


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