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Leiden master's student in Labour Law is ‘student intern of the week’ in Dutch magazine Mr.

Eva Lammers is currently studying for a master's degree in labour law at Leiden University and expects to graduate in autumn 2023. Lammers did her internship at law firm JPR in Deventer and was thrown in at the deep end from the start. 'Assignments aren’t arranged for you, you've got to arrange them yourself.'

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Great course and interesting lecturers

Lammers' interest in labour law really took off almost immediately during the second year of her bachelor's studies. The professor teaching the course was able to make the subject come to life and be engaging. And the topics immediately appealed to Lammers.

'Waiting to start studying two days before the exam is no longer an option.’ 

And Lammers continues to find the legal profession amazing. 'The amount of material you have to learn for your exams during the master's can be overwhelming at times.  Waiting to start studying two days before the exam is no longer an option.' That’s why her tip is to keep up with your studies weekly and plan really well.

The legal profession does not have to be exclusive

'During her internship, Lammers immediately felt at home at JPR. She mainly dealt with labour law, but other areas of law were also discussed, and there was plenty of room for that. 'It is an office-wide internship that you can shape however you like.'

The most important thing Lammers learned from her internship is that the legal profession does not have to be exclusive. 'At JPR, everyone is approachable, and you can go to any of your colleagues. The attitude towards clients is similar: all lawyers are approachable. The firm gives you a lot of confidence, so you learn to work independently.' As a final tip, Lammers says: 'Don't be too perfectionist. That’s something she’s still trying to learn - it something that will only get in your way.'

You can read the full article (in Dutch) on the Mr. website

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