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Kimia Heidary and Helen Pluut win Best Paper Award

Kimia Heidary and Helen Pluut received the Best Paper Award at the Munich Summer Institute for their paper on consumer perceptions and personalized pricing.

In the article 'All is (not) fair in Personalized Pricing: Antecedents and outcomes of consumer fairness perceptions', they investigated consumers' fairness perceptions regarding personalized prices, as well as the effects of those perceptions on their behavior, attitudes and emotions, by means of an experiment and questionnaire. They also examined the influence of personality traits such as cynicism and views on existing social norms on justice perceptions.

The jury was impressed by the empirical-legal approach of the article and the fact that the article managed to capture the complex matter of personalized prices in a single model. The Munich Summer Institute is an annual conference in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, intellectual property and law. The conference is organized by, among others, ETH Z├╝rich, the Max Planck Institute for Innovation for Competition, LMU Munich and the Technical University of Munich. The article is still under review, but will hopefully be published later this year.

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