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Maartje van der Woude receives NWO grant for research on ethno-racial profiling

Maartje van der Woude, (Professor of Law & Society, Van Vollenhoven Institute, Leiden University) has received an NWO research grant. This year, 60 of these grants in the Domain of Social Sciences and Humanities were awarded by research funder NWO. It is a prestigious grant for research on a topic of one’s own choice, without thematic prerequisites. Funding can reach up to EUR 400,000 per project.

Maartje van der Woude

Van der Woude will conduct research on ethno-racial profiling. Her research project Emotional labour in the borderlands: New perspectives on ethno-racial profiling is being conducted together with other researchers.

Ethno-racial profiling by law enforcement officials continues to be a problem causing societal harm and leading to declining trust in government and its agencies. Through a combination of academic and artistic research, this project will examine how different feelings and (moral) values experienced by an officer can become conflicted in the context of border policing, and how this affects decision-making processes. The hitherto underexposed tension and interaction between society, organisation and individual officers plays a central role in this. By means of this innovative approach, the project will offer new insights on how to successfully combat this problematic policing practice.

NWO had accepted 180 applications for this grant round of which 60 were awarded, with a total budget of EUR 23 million. Seven of these projects are being carried out by researchers from Leiden University.

More information: 60 new projects start in the Open Competition SSH - M | NWO


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