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How we can improve collaboration at LBSP, according to Miranda van Eck

The Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP) is eager for new talent. Therefore, as a member of the core group, Miranda van Eck is committed to improving cooperation between the faculty and the business community. How do we make sure we know how to find each other better? And how do we show our students what the business community has to offer?

The faculty does a lot of things right, Van Eck believes. One of our strengths is that individual scientists are already collaborating with parties on the LBSP. Those collaborations are found from the science perspective.' At the same time, there is little collaboration with and knowledge of each other at higher levels. This has to improve, she says. 'We are here together on the LBSP and it is growing tremendously. We are proud of that. But something is missing. We need to find each other more often. 

Business is eager for talent

The LBSPs Human Capital Agenda was published at the end of 2022: an agenda through which entrepreneurs, education and government work together to fulfil the demand for talent. That agenda has been embraced from within the university, says Van Eck. The business community is eager for the talents we train here. But too few seize the opportunity to bring in the talent. So we sat down with other players in education. Our faculty, LUMC, Hogeschool Leiden and mboRijnland are engaged in a real cross-pollination: how can we ensure that everything fits together better?

Bringing in and keeping talent

According to Van Eck, for instance, there is little insight into which internships are available at LBSP and what the exact needs of companies are. That is why an internship bank is being worked on. That way we know which companies are in demand for interns and our students know what opportunities are available to them. The value of interns is becoming increasingly clear, says Van Eck. 'It's about bringing in and retaining talent. 

‘Training talent is our core business’

And that talent is incredibly important. Training talent is our core business. We do it for the students. The strategic plan cannot be done without their input. Van Eck was therefore happy to see several students during the sessions in Corpus. For most, the strategic plan is a long way off. All the nicer it was to listen to a student's story during the second session. I found his perspective very valuable. So the content of the strategic plan comes from the whole organisation, not just the core group.

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