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CompaRe PhD roundtable on the research process

CompaRe’s third virtual PhD roundtable was held on 29 March 2023. In attendance were the head of the centre, staff and PhD candidates. The roundtable focused on brainstorming a wide range of questions around the research process.

PhD candidates had the opportunity to pose questions about varying aspects of the research process based on their experiences. Some of the topics discussed included the role of ChatGPT in law and research, and the ethical considerations to be made. The meeting brought out important details about insufficiency of information, ethical issues like privacy, lack of accuracy, and level of expertise of the AI model; problems which are likely to be clarified in future. On the other hand, its positive features, for example, as an advanced search engine and way to stimulate one’s own thinking, were also explored. The roundtable also discussed questions around data collection in the interview process. Clarifications and ideas on how to use and refer to raw data from interviews were offered, touching on the issue of privacy, how to go about obtaining clear consent for the use of data, as well as how positionality and biases can affect data collection. The participants also spoke about the importance of data management and brainstormed ways to make the process as straightforward as possible. Information was also shared on online library access to Leiden resources and the university’s partners. In addition, fieldwork funding sources, as well as ideas for indirect funding were proposed.

This was followed by updates about CompaRe, which is embarking on exciting new projects for the year including hosting summer schools, consultancies, research projects, conferences and roundtables, virtually and in-person in different parts of the world. Details of these will be shared in due course.


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