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Freya Baetens appointed to the Chair in EU External Economic Law

The Europa Institute is delighted to announce the appointment of Freya Baetens to the Chair in EU External Economic Law.

Freya Baetens has been affiliated with Leiden University and the Europa Institute since 2009. She is also Professor of Public International Law at Oxford University, where she is the Head of Programmes at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights and Fellow at Mansfield College. From 2016 to 2022, she was a full professor at the PluriCourts Centre at Oslo University. As a member of the Brussels Bar, she is an internationally renowned legal practitioner and has held positions as a visiting professor at universities worldwide, including the National University Singapore, Sydney Law School (Australia) and Xi’An Jiaotong Law School. Freya Baetens will be succeeding Marco Bronckers, who has recently retired.

We are very happy that Freya Baetens will remain with the Europa Institute in this new role, covering a key area of European law: external economic law. In recent years, Brexit, TTIP and CETA have shown the relevance of this field, not only academically and economically, but also from a societal perspective. Freya Baetens is in the unique position to bring together these different points of view, against the background of her expertise in both EU and international law.

The Chair covers the substantive as well as institutional aspects of European external economic law. It falls squarely within the Faculty research programme The Progression of EU Law: Accommodating Change and Upholding Values and the newly established inter-faculty Europa Hub.

Freya Baetens herself is thrilled to take up this position as it will enable her to continue her research on these evermore important issues, share this knowledge with students in her course on WTO & Investment law (Advanced LLM in European and International Business Law) and contribute to the scholarly life of the Europa Institute.

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