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Lina van Drunen wins best poster prize at the international Flux Society Congress

At the international Flux Society Congress 2022 in Paris, Lina van Drunen won the prize for best poster with her PhD research on how music influences brain development. At this annual congress, scientists and psychologists from around the world share their latest findings on developmental cognitive neuroscience

"Hoe muziek de hersenontwikkeling verandert"

Van Drunen is a PhD candidate at the Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology in Leiden (L-CID) and has conducted research on how music influences brain development as part of the supervised project 'Individual differences in environment and genetic effects on structural brain development' by Eveline Crone and Lara Wierenga. In a longitudinal study, she followed the sensorimotor synchronization and brain plasticity of twins aged 7-14 years. The results of her research suggest that individual differences in neuroplastic changes may be due primarily to environmental factors (e.g., music engagement) rather than predisposing genetic factors.

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