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Newscheckers wins European Citizen Award

The fact-checking initiative Nieuwscheckers has won the Dutch round of the European Citizens Award. This prize is awarded annually to projects and initiatives that deliver an exceptional performance within the EU.

Newscheckers fact-checks news items and develops tools to help the public assess the value of (online) news and information. According to MEP and jury member Sophie in 't Veld, they make an important contribution to society, 'The Newscheckers deserve this European Citizen Award because they contribute to this crucial aspect of citizenship. Disinformation undermines our society and I am grateful for the ground that the Newscheckers are reconquering for all of us.’


Newscheckers is delighted with the prize, they say on the website of the European Parliament: 'We are completely surprised by the award of this prize to Newscheckers. Especially since we also regularly fact-check politicians like members of the European Parliament and catch them out on inaccuracies. Fortunately, with this award the European Parliament recognises in that checking claims in the public debate is of great social value.’

About the prize

The European Citizens' Prize is awarded annually. One winner is chosen per Member State, or in exceptional cases two. As the Dutch winner, Newscheckers will receive a medal later this year. On 8 November they will be honoured at the European Parliament in Brussels during a ceremony that brings together all the winning projects from the different European Member States.

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