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Prestigious Pierre Elliot Trudeau Fellowship for VVI PhD Student Camille Lefebvre

Camille Lefebvre, PhD candidate at the Graduate School of International Studies of Université Laval and the Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Society of Leiden Law School, has been selected as a recipient of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Fellowship and Leadership Program.

Nearly 500 people from 22 different countries across all continents had applied for this prestigious scholarship. Of this number, 30 finalists were called for individual and group interviews - incorporating a hybrid mode of analysis based on case studies - and 13 scholars were chosen, based on academic excellence, creativity, leadership potential, resilience, and their commitment to the plurality of perspectives.

Camille, who is studying the immigration regime in Canada through a combined political science and socio-legal lens, is very happy to be one of the lucky 13 recipients: 

'The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation program will allow me to develop my sense of leadership, through learning and mentoring opportunities, while exposing me to new ways of thinking. This unique program will enrich my doctoral research, in order to one day participate in the development of more inclusive policies regarding immigration in Canada.' 

Besides focusing on her dissertation and grasping the various opportunities that the Trudeau Fellowship will offer, Camille will also start a prestigious clerkship at the Federal Court of Appeal of Canada in 2022-2023.  The Federal Court of Appeal deals with complex issues, in specialized and often innovative areas of law, namely disputes regarding tax law, maritime law, immigration law, Aboriginal law, prison law, social law, aeronautics, intellectual property and national security.


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