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Lab member Niek Strohmaier joins Kifid’s Arbitration Committee

As per 1 January 2022, Niek Strohmaier has joined Kifid’s Arbitration Committee.

Kifid is the Dutch Institute for Financial Disputes. It offers easy access and expert advice to consumers, small businesses and self-employed persons without employees (zzp-ers) who have a complaint against a financial services provider. Kifid helps to solve problems between consumers, their bank, insurer, intermediary or other financial services provider. The support offered by Kifid takes the form of mediation or a decision by its Arbitration Committee, which is legally binding (in most cases).

Niek’s role on the Arbitration Committee in particular will be to use his background in behavioural science to better understand the consumers’ perspectives, and also to apply his expertise regarding the psychology of legal decision making, which is the primary focus of his current research. Niek Strohmaier: 'I am very excited about this opportunity, where I can combine my legal knowledge with my behavioural science background to help Kifid’s Arbitration Committee. I am grateful to Kifid for granting me the opportunity to apply my research in this impactful real-world setting. I am also eager to learn from the highly experienced members of the committee, and to continue developing my knowledge on the cross-section of law and psychology.” 


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