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Experience Days: ‘Now I understand what it’s like to attend university’

Experiencing what it is like to attend a lecture, asking professors questions and even trying your hand at homework: Experience Days help prospective students learn more about all the programmes offered by the Faculty of Humanities.

Troy – Japanese Studies

‘I want to learn about a culture that not only has a rich history, but appealing cultural aspects as well. That led me to Japan and Latin America. Today was a great opportunity to learn more about Japanese Studies. We listened to a lecture and attended a seminar about the roles of samurai in culture, history and media. I’m not a history enthusiast, so I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I managed to write four pages of notes. It was really interesting.’

May-Thy – Classics

‘In today’s lectures I learned a different approach to what you learn in secondary school. I’m not sure if I want to study Maths or Classics, but today I also got a lot of information about a double study programme, so who knows what the possibilities are.’

Robine – Philosophy

‘The Open Days gave a short introduction to the study programme, but today helped me get an idea of the actual material that’ll be covered. We first discussed how you can define philosophy and later Aristotle’s definitions of coincidence and luck. I hadn’t really made my mind up yet whether I wanted to study History or Philosophy, but today gave me the final push to choose Philosophy.’

Robin - Film and Literary Studies

‘The lecturer gave us an image and textual analysis. He’s an expert in both areas, which meant he could show us both sides of the study programme. I missed the Student for a Day event, but I’m considering sending an e-mail to ask if I can attend another time. This was super interesting.’

Eva – English Language and Culture

‘I’ve experienced the Open Days before online, but I had never been to Leiden in person. It was so much fun to be on campus and to experience what it’s really like to attend university. During the lecture, we discussed the origins of the English language and what the study programme will consist of. This helped me understand the study programme a lot better.’

Yasco Horsman – University Lecturer in Film and Literary Studies

‘I taught two seminars on a story by Kafka and the film Planet of the Apes, both of which are about the relationship between humans and apes. We compared the two just as I’d usually do in a seminar, so I asked a lot of questions. For this to work, it’s important that the dynamics of the group are good, so we took the time to talk and get to know each other a little. That helped the seminar run smoothly. The time available is short, of course, but it still helps give a feel of what it’s really like.’

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