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Yvonne Erkens appointed as Global Law professor in Leuven

Yvonne Erkens, Associate Professor of Labour Law, has been appointed as a Global Law professor at the Catholic University of Leuven.

For some years, the Law Faculty of the Catholic University of Leuven - originally as an initiative of its International Affairs Board - has focused on a Global Law approach in its research and education. Within this framework, prominent professors of law and criminology from abroad are invited to teach students and conduct research.

This spring, Yvonne Erkens will teach the course 'Business and human rights from a labour law perspective'. The main topic of this course is global value or supply chains. During the course these chains are examined: how are they regulated, how are the various enforcement mechanisms designed and does the compliance system need improvement? When writing their final assignment, students will use the Database of Business Ethics (DBBE), a collection of codes of conduct of multinational enterprises gathered by Yvonne Erkens and Paul van der Heijden. 

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