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A podcast about the sound of silence

Pianist and radio producer Guy Livingston has created a podcast series, inspired by the performances of ZINDERING, a five-day festival in the context of Zinderende Stilte (sizzling silence).

In eleven concerts and two films, various aspects of silence were discussed in December last year, during the Zindering Festival in Mechelen. From whispering vaults or heartrending silences in the poetry of Alfred Tennyson to meditative music by Arvo Pärt or lullabies for a Filipino dragon. From Armenian miniatures to the glowing trembling of female voices from Iran. From a game with noise to a film essay about the process of becoming silent.

For his podcast, Livingston interviewed artists and recorded some concerts. All this comes together in a podcast of 5 episodes. The official language is English with some fragments in Dutch.

Listen to the first episode

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