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"Storia de Nhas Pais" interviews’ collection officially handed over to Rotterdam City Archive

A collection of interviews from the oral history project "Storia de Nhas Pais" ("Story of my Parents") was handed over to the Rotterdam City Archive on 26 November 2021.

The project was set up in 2014 by Rotterdam Vertelt and led by the historian Marjan Beijering (Geschiedenislab) and media producer Davidson Rodrigues. Its objective was to preserve the memory of Cabo Verdean migration to Rotterdam. In 2019, the Storia project crossed paths with the LUCAS-team of the Night Spaces: migration, culture and integration (NITE) project. In this HERA-funded collaborative research project, five teams from Leiden University, University College London, Humboldt University, Aarhus University and the University of Limerick, led by Sara Brandellero (LUCAS), study how night spaces are imagined, produced, experienced, and narrated by migrant communities in Europe.

In order to finalize the processing of the Storia’s existing material and expand the collection, NITE co-investigator Kamila Krakowska Rodrigues (LUCAS) supervised internship of Maxime Schut, a BA International Studies student. Listen to the podcast by Maxime and Davidson via Spotify to get an insight into the meaning and value the Cabo Verdean community gives to keeping the memory of migration alive!

This initiative was financially supported by the Faculty of Humanities Impact Fund, LUCAS and Deltaport Donation Fund.

For more information on the transfer, see the website of the Rotterdam City Archive. (in Dutch)

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