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Climate change cooperation of ASEAN

The ASEAN states work further for climate protection and published general and more concrete plans on how this can take place in future.

The ASEAN countries announced on the 17th Coordinating Conference on ASCC on the future of cooperation regarding climate protection within the regional integration system of ASEAN general plans for climate protection. Together with other ASEAN stakeholders, including the youth, climate initiatives, as well as climate researchers, the ASEAN countries made clear that especially a solid regional integration, which is in line with the ASEAN Community Blueprint 2025, could lead to a resilient and sustainable ASEAN and therefore could pre-empt the adverse impacts of climate change in the region

This general statement was further supplemented by the launch of the policy documents on sustainable urban and metropolitan mobility. „The Declaration acknowledges challenges in the promotion and achievement of efficient and sustainable urban mobility in cities and regions […]. Through the Phnom Penh Declaration on Sustainable Urban Mobility, ASEAN Transport Ministers encourage the promotion, development, and operationalisation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans at national, metropolitan and city levels as well as the development of Metropolitan Transport Executives in ASEAN Member States. This includes the active participation of all stakeholders in the transport ecosystem, in order to further enhance integration of sustainable transport and land use planning in ASEAN“.

In conclusion, these statements show the general and concrete ways in which  ASEAN countries aim to solve the problems of climate change through regional integration

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