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House of Misconceptions

Maartje van der Woude, Professor of Law and Society, organises the House of Misconceptions on 6 and 26 September 2021, together with art collective Liquid Society.

The House of Misconceptions takes you into the world of implicit and explicit perceptions and biases that people have about society, particularly about each other and groups of 'others'. These 'others' can stand out due to their different skin colour or different cultural and religious habits and norms. Do we indeed fear the unknown? And, if so, to what extent are we aware of this? How does this hinder us from leading a full and rich life? The House of Misconceptions invites you to engage with the subconcious side of your perceptions and to enter into dialogue about this with yourself and each other.

House of Misconceptions is a part of Festival 2030.

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