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LACDR Spring symposium 2021

For the second year in a row, we had to hold the LACDR Spring symposium 2021 as an online event. But nevertheless, there were impressive presentations and interesting poster pitches.

We are happy to announce and congratulate the winner of the PhD competition region Leiden: Maaike van der Lee, PhD candidate at LUMC-KFT. Maaike gave a presentation about “Long-read sequencing in pharmacogenomics: the CYP2D6 story”. She may represent the region Leiden at the national PhD competition during the FIGON Dutch Medicine Days. This competition is a great opportunity to strengthen the collaboration between institutes in Leiden which conducting substantial pharmaceutical research. Thanks to all PhD speakers and jury members from CHDR, LIC, LUMC-KFT and LACDR for their participation in the Spring symposium. 

We also congratulate the winners of the LACDR poster competition. We are proud of so much talent within our institute. The winners are:

•    Wei Yang (SBP)
•    Christine Seidl (BT)
•    Majlen Dilweg (DDS)
•    Marie Depuydt (BT)
•    Maaike de Jong (BT)
•    Esmeralda Hemme (BT)
•    Annika Koumans (SBP)
•    Divakar Budda (SBP)
•    Mariyana Savova (SBP)

Furthermore, we would like to thank Dr. Amanda Foks, chair of the day and everyone who contribute to the symposium. 

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