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Registration open for introduction weeks: what to expect

Will you be coming to study at our university? If so, we want you to feel welcome. We therefore offer three different introduction weeks, with something for everyone: one in Leiden, one in The Hague and one for internationals. Register soon!


Who: EL CID is the introduction for Dutch students who are going to study in Leiden, and for Dutch students who will be studying in The Hague but will spend most of their student life in Leiden.

What: The EL CID committee has been holding an introduction week for Leiden University students since 1970. Get to know one another, senior students, the university and all the city and student associations have to offer. This year you can take part in an online student cookery show, a quiz, bingo and much more. On the in-person days, you can visit your faculty and an information market. Or you can go on a boat trip, to a silent disco, the science evening or visit a student association. 

When: EL CID is from 12 to 21 August. This year’s EL CID will be a hybrid: the introduction on 12 and 13 August will be online, and you’ll be invited to Leiden on the other days. Each participant will spent a total of three days in Leiden. 

Register: You’ll receive a registration link in your inbox from June onwards, once you’ve enrolled on a degree programme. The deadline for registration is 6 August 2021. Please note: because of Covid there will be a maximum number of participants in this year’s EL CID. Registration will therefore close sooner if the maximum number of participants has been reached. So register soon! More information on the website

The introduction weeks will mainly be in person...


Who: HOPweek is the intro for all students who are going to study in The Hague and enjoy student life there, regardless whether you speak Dutch.  

What: The Hague Orientation Programme (HOP) gives our Hague students the chance to get to know one another, the university and the city. This year’s programme will be a hybrid one, so partly online and partly offline. You’ll visit your faculty and an embassy, where you’ll have the chance to talk to an ambassador. And there’s a sports day and the opportunity to meet the many associations in The Hague.

When: HOPweek is from 23 to 27 August. There will be an online programme on 23 August, and you’ll be able to come to the university from 24 to 27 August.

Register: Hague students will receive a registration link in their inbox once they have enrolled on a degree programme. The registration deadline is 6 August. More information on the website

... and partly online!


Who: OWL is for all international students who are going to study in Leiden.

What: This year’s Orientation Week Leiden (OWL) will be both online and offline. Online you’ll get to know the faculties, and there’ll be music bingo and a matching event where you get to meet other students. In the in-person programme you can come to the sports day, take a boat or walking tour of Leiden and visit the many museums!

When: OWL is from 30 August to 3 September (online and offline).

Register: International students will receive an email invitation from June onwards, once they’ve enrolled for a degree programme. The registration deadline is 1 August. More information on the website.

First in your family to go to university? Need a bit of extra help?

If you’re the first one in your family to go to university, we’d like to offer a bit of extra help. Studying is an exciting new step, but it can also be a dive into the deep. At the Start Your Future event on 26 June, you’ll get to know the university and other first-generation students and find out what it’s like to study. And your parents or guardians can join in if they like. Maybe see you then?

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