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Premiere of Sound Theory (The Clouds) by Gabriel Paiuk

In September 2021, ACPA PhD Candidate Gabriel Paiuk will premiere a new work titled Sound Theory (The Clouds) as part of the 2021 Gaudeamus Muziekweek Festival. The performance will take place on September 10th, 20:30 at the De Helling (Utrecht, NL).

Sound Theory (The Clouds) is an audiovisual performance at the intersection of music, audio design, theatre infrastructure and cinematography. It consists of a ca. 25 minute work for violoncello, soundtrack, multi-channel loudspeaker setup, video and live-video.

The work takes its name from the greek Theôría (θεωρια) which is at the origin of the words Theory and Theatre. Sound Theory (The Clouds) disassembles the synchronized machinery of audiovisual staging to explore the ways in which aural technologies and its synchronization with the visual modulate the way the spectator engages with sound.

Gabriel Paiuk

Sound Theory (The Clouds) is conceived and composed by Gabriel Paiuk in collaboration with visual artist Sebastián Diaz Morales and involving belgian cellist Arne Deforce.

For more information go here.

*Banner credits: Sebastián Diaz Morales

Sound Theory (The Clouds) has been made possible thanks to a Digital Culture grant from the Stimuleringsfonds 2021.
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