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Female workers Tesco Stores win case on unequal pay

Female workers at Tesco Stores, a chain of supermarkets in the UK, brought a case to the European Court of Justice claiming they received unequal pay for doing work of equal value to that of their male colleagues.

Although their work differed from that of the men, they had the same level of education and the same responsibilities. Therefore the Court ruled that there was discrimination on the grounds of sex. What is striking about the judgment is that the Court has considered the issue very broadly, by finding differences in pay for comparable work and not only for equal work to be unacceptable.  It seems that the Court wants to go even further in the enforcement of equal treatment, says Barend Barentsen, Professor of Labour Law, on Dutch radio channel BNR Nieuwsradio.

Listen to the full BNR interview (in Dutch) (7 June 18:06 hrs)

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