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Peter Rodrigues on discrimination within Rotterdam police force

Following news reports about racist comments made by Rotterdam police officers in a WhatsApp group, racism within the police force is back in the spotlight. ‘Dealing with this issue is a matter of urgency’, says Professor of Immigration Law Peter Rodrigues.

The officers in the app group were merely given a written reprimand, which has led to outrage from both inside and outside the police force. In response, the National Police announced that the disciplinary measures in place to deal with discrimination and racism would be scrutinised.

‘Fighting discrimination within the police force calls for a comprehensive approach’, says Peter Rodrigues. He also emphasises that a more diverse police force would contribute to a solution. Attention must also be paid to the issue in the training of officers. Rodrigues has trained police officers about discrimination and ethnic profiling. ‘It is not my intention in these courses to tell people what to think, but to tell them what the limits are."

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