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Aleydis Nissen publishes a feature article on the South Korean electronics industry

Aleydis Nissen published a feature article on the South Korean electronics industry in Eos magazine. The Pascal Decroos Fund sponsored this article.

Protests in front of Samsung's flagship store in Gangnam

‘Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix produce approximately three quarters of the global market for DRAM semiconductors and half of the global market for NAND flash memory. Such products are sourced from Korea by various other corporations, including the France-based Orange and the US-based Apple.’ Nissen explains. ‘More than 100,000 people are employed in the electronics industry in Korea alone. In recent years, South Korean courts have confirmed that a range of diseases such as ovarian cancer have been caused by on-the-job chemical exposure to chemicals in electronics factories. It remains, however, difficult for the media and NGOs to communicate this to consumers in Europe.’

Read the full article here or visit the Eos magazine website.

Nissen’s op-eds, interviews and feature articles have previously been published in newspapers such as The Independent, The Irish Examiner and de Volkskrant. You can find selected features via this link.  

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