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The 25th PhD-candidate for the Dual PhD Centre

If all goes according to plan, Vasileios Karakasis will successfully defend his dissertation on Thursday 15 October. This will not only be a milestone for Vasileios, but also for the Dual PhD Centre (DPC).

Vasileios is in fact the 25th DPC member to reach the ultimate goal of the programme. From the role of Schuman in Europe, to Web-based Privacy Measurement, to Looking for Research on the role of research in higher professional education; the Dual PhD Centre has now successfully defended a large number of research topics. With Adding Fuel to the Conflict, about the different perspectives of Greece and Turkey in their still very topical conflict over Cyprus, the DPC again has a dissertation that shows that personal passion and professional experience combined with scientific research can lead to relevant new insights into current social and international issues. The DPC is very happy for Vasileios, and proud that the milestone of 25 PhD candidates will be reached.


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