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Book launch: Legal Pluralism in European Contract Law

The Institute of Private Law at Leiden University kindly invites you to an online book launch of the book Legal Pluralism in European Contract Law. The author will introduce the theme and summarise the main conclusions of the book, followed by comments from two panelists. Afterwards, there will be a chance for the audience to ask questions and to comment on the book and the discussion between the panelists and the author.

Vanessa Mak

The relevance of contracting and self-regulation in consumer markets has increased rapidly in recent years, in particular in the platform economy. Online platforms provide opportunities for businesses and consumers to connect with strangers, often across borders, trading products and services. In this new economy, platform operators create, apply, and enforce their own rules in their contractual relationships with users. This book examines the substance of these rules and the space for private governance beyond the reach of state regulation.

Vanessa Mak explores recent developments in lawmaking 'beyond the state' with case studies focusing on companies such as Airbnb and Amazon. The book asks how common values and objectives of EU law, such as consumer protection and contractual fairness, can be safeguarded when lawmaking shifts to a space outside the reach of state law.

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