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Integrated Projects on physical violence and public order

The first year students of Bachelor Security Studies finished their final block with the course Integrated Project 1.

 As part of the programme's teaching philosophy ‘Explore, Understand, Do’, students were required to combine the knowledge and understanding they’d gathered throughout their first year, and develop an artefact aimed at addressing a present-day challenge related to physical violence and public order.

The goal was to create an artefact of their choosing that could render change, according to the principles and methods of design science. The majority of the students ended up making a podcast, for which they investigated various issues such as domestic violence, sex trafficking, anti-Semitism, riots, and police brutality. While the students faced the adverse challenge of working online and trying to set up interviews during a pandemic, they produced commendable pieces of work in just seven weeks. Their podcasts are now available on various streaming platforms, which you can check out on the website of Anchor FM.


Integrated Project 1

Integrated project 1 is a mandatory course for first year students enrolled in the bachelor’s programme Security Studies.
In this course students will be challenged to integrate the knowledge and understanding they have gathered in the first year courses and apply these to a case in a group project. The central theme of this course is physical violence and public order. Students will choose present-day challenges related to violence and public order, and will develop artefacts aimed at addressing these problems and rendering change according to the principles and methods of Design Science.
The two lectures will introduce students to the topics of violence and public order. In the first lecture the complexity of violence and public order will be unpacked by zooming in on key concepts, the scope, risk factors involved, as well as the actors and stakeholders that play a role when discussing these topics. The second Integrated Project lecture is geared towards giving students tools to study violence, help them select a researchable violence related problem to work on in the Integrated Project labs and introduce students to the available and proper methods to study violence. This lecture will build upon instructions given in the corresponding course Research Methods 1 on Design Science.
In the twelve labs student will study one particular artefact form. They will learn how these artefact forms can be used to generate change, which strategies can be employed and how to best address their target audiences. Specialists from the field will be invited to talk about their experiences with these artefacts and the topic of violence and public order.

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