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Webinar @LeidenLaw: videos, presentations and personal advice

Online presentations of our regular master’s programmes were held from 11 to 19 May. Would you like to see them again? Check out our full range of programmes below!

Master’s Rechtsgeleerdheid (Law):

Master’s Notarial Law (Dutch) (PDF)
Master’s Tax Law (Dutch)
Master’s Child Law (Dutch)
Master’s Law & Society (EN)

Master’s Forensic Criminology (Dutch)

Master’s Crime and Criminal Justice (MSc) (Dutch):


Personal advice about a specific programme?

Do you still have questions about a specific programme? Don’t hesitate to send the lecturer a message via email: he or she will then contact you. Include your question(s) and the way in which you would like to be contacted (by email and/or by phone).

All lecturers can be found on our website

Ask a student!

You can also put your questions to current master’s students and chat with them via Unibuddy They can tell you more about their own experiences as a student who is already studying on what may be your future master’s programme!ige master!

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