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Webinar series photo book Why I Cry On Airplanes

At the beginning of this year CADS Lecturer Koen Suidgeest published his photobook Why I Cry on Airplanes. In this book he takes you on a visual flight around the globe to meet resilient human beings who live under challenging conditions. He decided to use the changing situation that COVID-19 causes to record an online series of 15 short webinars to highlight some pictures of his book and bring them to life. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4 pm CET a new episode will be published.

Suidgeest started his webinar on April 15th, so the first episodes are already online. For example an episode about how teenage mother Sujeylin is raising her baby on the streets of Managua, Nicaragua. In the webinars Suidgeest uses additional material like related photos or videos that have not before been published and he tells stories that provide texture or context. Suidgeest' work is mainly focussed on the themes motherhood and reproductive rights as well as gender identity. The touching stories show hope and admiration for the portrayed people. Each episode lasts between 5-10 minutes and can be watched for free on the website of Why I Cry On Airplanes

Sujeylin and newborn baby Karla after their first night on the street. Managua, Nicaragua, 2019. From the documentary 'Karla’s Arrival’ (2011). © Koen Suidgeest

Why I Cry On Airplanes – the book

The book Why I Cry On Airplanes is the result of fifteen years of personal photography from all corners of the world. Most of the images have not been published before. The book’s narrative explores the personal relationship Suidgeest has with his work and the emotional role of the flight home, which is like a rite of passage to him. So far, the book has sold well over 6.000 copies.

Mother Roda and son Michael, Madziabango, Malawi, 2018. From the documentary ‘Kulinga Mawa’ about overpopulation. © Koen Suidgeest
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