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Support the LUMC’s corona research

Scientists at the LUMC are working hard on potential virus inhibitors, antiviral screening and a treatment for COVID-19. SteunLeiden.nl has started a crowdfunding campaign for this research, under the hashtag #wakeuptocorona. Professor of Virology Eric Snijder explains why this is desperately needed.

Scientists all around the world are working day and night to stop coronavirus. They are working on vaccines, drugs and other ways to halt the virus. Professor of Virology Eric Snijder, who works at the LUMC, and his team are hard at work. Not only is the virus itself a challenge, but so too is funding the research. Snijder: ‘Carrying out these tests is extremely expensive. They can only be done by people with expert training in highly secured labs. I want to get on with the job, but seem to spend most of my time writing funding proposals.’


That is why SteunLeiden.nl has started the crowdfunding campaign #wakeuptocorona. How does it work? Make a donation, big or small, to Snijder and his team’s research through SteunLeiden.nl. And use the #wakeuptocorona hashtag to challenge others to do the same. Put on your pyjamas, form a heart with your hands and get your photo taken. Share this on social media with the hashtag #wakeuptocorona and nominate three of your friends or family to do the same.

Breaking and entering

‘You can compare the virus to a burglar. He always finds some way to get in, be it an open front door or a small window. He then uses the things in your house to replicate himself until the police – your immune system – catches him.’ Eric Snider tells you all about coronavirus in this 20-minute video. What makes coronavirus so special? Does it really come from bats? And what are possible solutions to the outbreak that we are now facing?

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