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Alumni employers: ‘Follow your heart!’

Where do Humanities alumni work after they graduate? And how should they prepare to enter the labour market? According to three Humanities alumni and their employers, the answer is: ‘Find the biggest challenges the world has to offer – they hold all kinds of possibilities for ambitious people.’

Does Humanities equal boring jobs? Absolutely not!

Are Humanities alumni doomed to a lifetime of dull working environments – if they even find a job at all? Definitely not. Three alumni from the Faculty of Humanities have shared their stories of where they found themselves after they graduated. Their careers might surprise you. ‘History teaches you to look into what motivates people, why they do the things they do. That’s also a real asset in Cyber Security,’ says employer Inge Bryan, Partner in Cyber Risk Services at Deloitte.

Three alumni tell their stories

Minke Lok graduated in Chinastudies (BA) and Asian Studies (MA) and is now a programmer at AviaVox, where she programmes the announcements for the world’s biggest airports. After graduating in History (BA) and History (MA), Carl Mattern continued to pursue his thesis topic by becoming a Cyber Security expert at Deloitte. International Studies (BA) and International Relations (MA) alumna Yoanna Daskalova is now the Communication Manager for several different European medical projects at Lygature. Anything is possible with a Humanities degree!

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