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The last ILS Lunch Seminar of 2019 in hindsight

On Thursday 12 December, the last ILS Lunch Seminar of 2019 took place. Cecily Rose and Eduard Fosch Villaronga gave two very insightful presentation on their current and future research.

Cecily Rose gave the first presentation on her ongoing research project, titled: “The Role of the Judge Ad Hoc: An Empirical Study of Party-Appointed Judges at the International Court of Justice”. In the literature, a variety of explanations about the judge ad hoc at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) have been given, ranging from functional to symbolic justifications. Cecily’s research project aims to contribute to this body of scholarship by reexamining the rationales behind the role of the judge ad hoc. By using empirical research data (statistics and interviews), Cecily tries to give an answer to questions about how often they are appointed, who they are, and what they do while serving on the bench. Her preliminary research findings are that the position of the judge ad hoc fulfills an meaningful function in the workings of the ICJ, but the role of this judge might be a little more nuanced than is described in the current literature.

The second presentation was given by Eduard Fosch Villaronga on “Healthcare Robots: Challenges and Opportunities”. Eduard presented the thought-process behind his current research on the ethical and legal problems of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and, more specifically, healthcare robots. In his presentation, he explained that in an aging society, healthcare rising costs, and the promise of technology is pushing the adoption of robots and AI technologies in healthcare. Many robotic applications may help older adults, persons with disabilities, and children to participate in the society in a better way. However, the application of the current regulatory framework is uncertain, and it is not very clear what are the minimum safeguards required to ensure a human-robot safe interaction.

The next ILS Lunch Seminar will take place on Thursday 16 January 2020 from 13:00 – 14:00 hrs in KOG B.013. There is no need to register and lunch is provided.

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