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ILS Lunch Seminar with Melanie Fink and Tycho de Graaf

The monthly ILS Lunch Seminars have slowly developed into somewhat of a tradition. During this seminar series, all researchers from Leiden Law School can present their research and apprehend in a comfortable setting what researchers from other research programs and institutes are working on. On Thursday 28 November 2019, a new edition of the ILS Lunch Seminars takes place. This month, Melanie Fink and Tycho de Graaf will present their current research.

Melanie Fink is a postdoctoral Researcher at the Europa Institute of Leiden University. During this ILS Lunch Seminar, she will give a presentation on “Rethinking Remedies: Does the EU Need a Fundamental Rights Complaints Procedure?” The way in which the EU operates has fundamentally transformed. At its inception, the EU was imagined as a technocratic rule-making body, primarily adopting laws but leaving their implementation to the Member States. Today, it is increasingly involved in enforcing EU law vis-à-vis private parties. When this leads to fundamental rights violations, it is essential for individuals to be able to hold the EU to account. However, the EU's transformation into an executive actor fundamentally challenges the system of remedies established under Union law. This presentation discusses Fink’s research into how we can adapt the ‘old’ remedies to a ‘new’ EU in order to ensure fundamental rights are enforceable.

The second presentation will be given by Tycho de Graaf, associate professor in Civil Law at the Institute of Private Law and at the Center for Law and Technologies. He will give a presentation on “Civil law aspects of technology”. De Graaf’s research focuses on how civil law can overcome legal problems arising from developing, selling and using technology. In the last two years, he has published articles on, among other things, (1) qualifying, attaching and executing bitcoins; (2) trust when using smart contracts on the blockchain; and (3) nullifying contracts concluded under the influence of personalised pricing (ILS-project). Currently, he is involved in intra- and interdisciplinary research on the insolvency of cryptocustodians (with the financial law dept); the limited liability of robots compared to that of slaves (with the legal history dept) and artificial intelligence in the boardroom, eHealth and policy making (in the SAILS-project with the company and elaw depts as well as FGGA, LIACS and LUMC).

This ILS Lunch Seminar will take place on Thursday 28 November 2019, from 13:00 until 14:00 hrs. in KOG C.020. Lunch is provided and there is no need to register, just join! Afterwards, there is also a chance to join the seminar 'Interacting with Robots and AI', featuring one of the speakers of the ILS Lunch Seminar of December.

Please contact Daila Gigengack to sign up as a speaker at an ILS lunch seminar or visit our website for more news on ILS 2.0.

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