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A first glimpse at the new SRON building

SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research is moving. The headquarters of the institute will relocate to the Science Campus of Leiden University. In October 2019, the first pile was officially put into the ground; in 2021, the building will be ready for use. A first glimpse at the building that will soon be next to us at the Bio Science Park.

Virtual tour of new SRON building

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Moving forward together

In 2021, SRON Utrecht will move to a new building on the Leiden Bio Science Park, next to the current Huygens laboratory. This new building should not only provide space for SRON employees but also for cooperation with top scientists from Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and for sustainable cooperation with other neighbouring organisations and the business community.

SRON is looking forward to new possibilities that come with the new location , according to its website: 'The move from SRON-Utrecht to South Holland makes it possible to work more closely with the research groups in Leiden and Delft. With our joint expertise, we are able to discover the origins and evolution of the universe, the future of the climate, and improve the advanced technology required for this purpose.


The new building will accommodate clean rooms, laboratories, offices, meeting rooms, support functions and technology. The theme Connection is central to the design. The architects want to stimulate contact, exchange and encounters. That is why they designed a central and connecting space for the building that all employees will come across. 'The route from the entrance to the campus, through this central space, is an experience that leads from dynamics and contact to tranquillity', according to the designers of Ector Hoogstad Architecten. They work together with engineering firms Deerns, Peutz and Pieters Bouwtechniek.

Pictures: Ector Hoogstad Architecten

Sustainable construction

The use of sustainable wood and recyclable materials minimises the environmental impact during construction. In addition to responsible materials, attention is also paid to waste separation and moderate energy and water consumption.

In addition to ensuring that SRON headquarters are built as responsibly as possible, the end product itself must also be sustainable. In order to achieve this, the builders use BREEAM: an assessment method to determine the sustainability performance of buildings. 'This method covers the entire process from design to construction and the commissioning of the building,' explains the architectural office Ector Hoogstad. 'It looks at sustainability in the broadest sense of the word: not only in the field of energy but also, for example, in transport and the ecology of the environment.' And this is going well at SRON: during the first-pile ceremony, SRON was awarded a BREEAM Excellent design certificate: a recognition for the extensive set of requirements that the building meets, in the areas of ecology, pollution, water, materials, health and energy, among others.

The new SRON building in numbers:

  • The building has a gross floor area of 9,964 m2, of which 8,600 m2 is used for:
    • offices (2,000 m2 )
    • meetings (700 m2 )
    • mechanical workshops (300 m2)
    • cleanrooms and laboratories (1,600 m2)
    • common areas (traffic areas, sanitary facilities, etc., 2,300 m2)
    • other rooms (storage rooms, installation rooms, 1,700 m2)
  •  The terrain is 3,225 m2 (0.3 ha) large. A maximum of 190 people will be present in the building every day.
  •  The expected building-related energy consumption is approximately 376 MWh/year (44 kWh/m2/year), of which  9 kWh/m2 from renewable energy sources and 35 kWh/m2 from fossil energy sources. The annual water consumption is estimated at 2,500 m3.

More information about the new SRON building: https://www.sron.nl/sron-leiden-delft


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