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Marike Knoef: The Netherlands still has a good pension system

International research agency Mercer has once again named the Dutch pension system the best in the world. Denmark comes second, and third place is for Australia.

Marike Knoef

The calculation methods Mercer uses can be questioned though, according to Professor of Empirical Microeconomics Marike Knoef in Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant. 'Mercer uses figures from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).  They are based on a notional standard individual who receives the same income throughout their entire working life. If that were true, you would indeed build up a good pension in the Netherlands.'

But in reality, there are people who are out of work for some time, for example due to work disability, so that their actual pension is ultimately less. That said, the Netherlands still has a good pension system. 'Currently the low interest rate is causing problems, but from an international perspective we are still doing very well.'

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