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Over 130 join in the University procession at the Relief of Leiden

On 3 October, Leiden University joined in big style with the annual celebration of The Relief of Leiden. Over 130 professors, staff members, students and children took part in the traditional Grand Parade through the centre of Leiden.

A special procession of professors with their children and grandchildren led the procession. They were followed by students from through the ages, and students and staff from all around the world. There was also a full-blown float, inspired by the Leiden Observatory. The University thus showed its many different faces to the city of Leiden, as the city and University celebrated 445 years of liberation from the Spanish and 444 years of Leiden University.

The Grand Parade is one of the highlights of the Relief of Leiden celebrations, with hundreds of people, young and old, following a route through the city centre. This year’s theme was Jong Geleerd is oud gedaan (which means something like, ‘You’re never too young to learn’) and this inspired the Leiden University entry.

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Photos: Sean van der Steen

3 October University especially for children

Leiden University also holds 3 October University during The Relief of Leiden. That’s a tradition, but this year’s event was especially for children. ‘I gave a talk about that at school when I was five.’ Read the article.

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