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Two Leiden professors ‘top of the class’ according to ScienceGuide

Professors Remco Breuker and Barend van der Meulen are ‘top of the class’ for academic year 2018-2019 according to ScienceGuide. This science magazine has just published its list of the most influential thinkers and do-ers in higher education and science, and Breuker and Van der Meulen are on it.

Remco Breuker was chosen for his significant contribution to #WOinActie, a movement that is concerned about the state and funding of academic research and teaching. The limited funding for the humanities is a major problem says this Professor of Korean Studies. ‘It’s not worth the effort to use the humanities as a Band-Aid on funding,’ he said. ‘Then you might as well be honest and say: away with it! We’re choosing the North-Korean option. Excellent rockets but no moaning minnies and their criticism of society.’

Barend van der Meulen is Professor by Special Appointment of Evidence for Science Policy at Leiden University, and, until a few days ago, Head of Research at Rathenau Institute, The Hague. In this capacity, Van der Meulen joined in all the big discussions about higher education over the last year. He spoke in his characteristically provocative way how we reward and value academic quality nowadays.

See the full list [in Dutch]

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