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Andrea Evers installed as a new KNAW member

Health psychologist Andrea Evers is one of the 19 new members, selected by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), who have been inaugurated on 16 September 2019. The Academy has now about 550 members.

Andrea Evers has expert knowledge regarding psychological factors relating to health and illness, such as the role of placebo effects in somatic pain and itch complaints. Her research integrates findings from the biomedical sciences, neuroscience, psychobiology and psychopathology. Evers and her group develop new digital therapies using games and the Internet, e.g. to promote a healthy lifestyle. She has received various prestigious grants and awards, was a member of The Young Academy (2013-2018), and has inspired and trained many young researchers.

Academy members, leading researchers from across all the disciplines, are selected for their scientific and scholarly achievements. Members are appointed for life.
Academy selects 19 new members

New academy members 2019 (foto: Inge Hoogland/KNAW)
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