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Mariska Kret on CNN about the laughing patterns of human infants and apes

'Human adults primarily laugh while exhaling, whereas infants and great apes laugh during both inhalation and exhalation', said cognitive psychologist Mariska Kret on CNN. Read more about the appearance of Mariska Kret in the Dutch media.


'First adults inhale, then produce "ha-ha-ha" sounds in short bursts, starting loud and then fading away, Kret said. 'The ape-type is more difficult to describe but there is an alternation huh-ha-huh-ha.'
The laughing patterns of human infants match those of another species (31 August 2021)

Mariska Kret investigates emotions and social choices in primates, including humans. She is particularly interested in emotion and behavior that occurs automatically. She talks about this in various media. 

Dutch media

Read more on Mariska Kret's media appearances in the Dutch media.

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