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Yvonne Erkens speaker at World Conference on Research Integrity in Hong Kong

Yvonne Erkens, Associate Professor at the Department of Labour Law and Social Security co-organised a symposium entitled ‘Misdirected allegations of breaches of research integrity’ with Frits Rosendaal (LUMC) and Ivan Oransky (Retraction Watch) at the World Conference on Research Integrity. The conference, which was held for the sixth time, took place from 2 to 5 June 2019 in Hong Kong.

Erkens organised the symposium in the capacity of Chairman of Leiden University and LUMC’s Scientific Integrity Committee (CWI).

Investigations concerning research integrity can be highly detrimental for both the party making the allegations, and the person accused.  For this reason, confidentiality is an important principle when it comes to handling allegations.

The symposium’s theme was the question how scientific integrity committees and journalists deal with, and ought to deal with, the handling and reporting of false allegations. And if an allegation turns out to be accurate, how to ensure that justice is done in relation to one of the most important objectives of scientific integrity: ensuring untainted science and scientific publications.

More information about the World Conference on Research Integrity 

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