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Last ILS Lunch Seminar before the summer break with Prof. Pablo Mendes de Leon and Albert van Marwijk Kooy

On Thursday 27 June, the last festive ILS Lunch Seminar of this academic year takes place. This seminar will feature presentations from two distinguished speakers from different departments of Leiden Law School: Prof. Pablo Mendes de Leon and Albert van Marwijk Kooy.

Prof. Pablo Mendes de Leon is a professor of Air and Space Law and has also been Executive Chair of the International Institute of Air and Space Law since 2008. During this ILS Lunch Seminar, he will give a presentation on “The boundaries of law in the context of aviation safety: practices and remedies”. In this presentation, he will discuss accident investigation and air traffic management under international air law and international law. He will give special reference to the MH17 accident five years ago, and closure of airspace in the Middle East since 2017.

The second presentation will be given by Albert van Marwijk Kooy onThe Dutch pensions polder product; a blessing in disguise?” Albert is a lecturer and researcher in pensions at the Department of Labour Law and has been a partner at the law firm Van Doorne since 1993. In this presentation, he will shed some light on the peculiarities of the internationally touted (but why and are the credits deserved?) Dutch pensions system and the major overhaul of this system agreed upon earlier this month. Albert’s aim is twofold. First, he will provide some basic understanding of Dutch pensions and their legal framework, particularly for those who thoroughly hate thinking about their own pension situation (or could not care less for other reasons). And in addition, he will advocate the breathtaking beauty of the legal pensions world.

This ILS Lunch Seminar will take place on Thursday 27 June, from 12:00 until 13:00 hrs. in KOG B0.13. Lunch is provided at the monthly seminars and there is no need to register, just join!

The ILS Lunch Seminar series will continue in September 2019. Please contact Daila Gigengack to sign up as a speaker at an ILS Lunch Seminar or visit our website for more information on ILS 2.0.

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